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We are proud to be the official sole  providers for Cameos in the United States, as well as the rest of North America.


Certificate of Authenticity

Each and every purchase will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Our Custom and  Special Order Cameos


In addition to our custom, hand-carved masterpieces, we do have special order cameos. Keep in mind that each special order will take some amount of time for carving depending on the level of details and quality of master hand-carving.

Custom Museum Quality Cameos

Every cameo that I produce is an original, hand carved , not machine or laser carved piece of artwork.Each piece is like wearing a sculpture, a panting produced just for you. Cameo production is a very delicate operation. From the selection of raw material to cutting and carving them into beautiful creations, our master carvers pay great attention and have great pride in what they produce. Since ancient times, cameos have been prized by collectors and jewelers.

Every single cameo has a history in itself--an exemplary story of devotion and sacrifices of a long and hard apprenticeship. It is a rigorous selection where fantasy, creativity and knowledge of the drawing are essential to give life to cameos narrated in only 2mm of thickness.

Our "master" carver: his or her hands manage to transform a piece of shell into elegant and precious sculptures, bas-reliefs with mythological scenes, delicate and diaphanous portraits. These are the true collectables. According to our master craftsmen, this type of painstaking work is disappearing and it is our mission, at Casco Cameos, LLC.  to build the market demand up so that many new artist will embrace the old world traditions of cameo carving.

Cameos are more than just jewelry, they are a personal item to be cherished and carefully conserved and past down from generation to generations to come. Each one has its own uniqueness, and never are there two pieces produced that are exactly alike. This is what makes cameos even more special. Our cameo's are truly a piece of art meant to be worn and become a center of everyone's conversation. Each piece of jewelry is like wearing a sculpture, a painting produced just for you.

We invite you to browse through our hand picked selection of wearable masterpieces!

Benvenuto! Welcome to CASCO Cameos, LLC. Casco Cameos is the sole provider of cameos in North America. My name is Lynn Viola-Levy. I am a born and raised second generation Italian, located in Barrington Hills, Illinois. My two passions in life are artwork and traveling. Years ago on a trip to Italy, I visited my family in a little town called Torre Del Greco. They invited me into their home and taught me our family tradition: carving cameos. They described how this tradition has been built on a long line of generations. After witnessing the each step of the intricate process, a breathtaking cameo was revealed. I could not believe human hands could carve something so beautiful if I did not see it with my own two eyes! These cameos are truly a piece of art meant to be worn and become the center of everyone's conversation. I invite you to browse through my handpicked collection of wearable masterpieces.

The founding Company, CASCO, s.r.l., is located in Torre del Greco and was founded in 1928. We are the leading manufacturer of cameos utilizing traditional methods that have been used for over 5,000 years. The factory is located in Torre del Greco, Italy, the capital city of coral and cameos, nestled between the foot of Mount Vesuvius and the Mediterranean Sea, overlooking Naples. The materials used to produce the great works of jewelry are: Sardonyx shell, Carnelian shell, pink shell, Tiger shell, lava, coral, turquoise, etc.

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